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Hi, I'm Nate!

My team and I optimize marketing strategies for small business owners.

We hate seeing the health of your business take a hit when you don't have clarity and cash in your business model.

Using a method we call "Reticular Value Positioning", we help you write what we call a Micro-Book with a powerful marketing message that attracts clients over and over again, and grows your audience online.

And with our "Tellus Engagement Funnels" you'll also have the marketing and sales mechanism that you need for growing predictable revenue month after month.

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What People Are Saying...

Mellisa B.

Nate is amazing! And what a great perspective he has! Very understanding of his customers needs, and listens very well! Nate is a great person to have on the team and helping with your businesses! Good job Nate!! :)

Steve R.

Working with Nate has not only been productive for my businesses, but has been educational for me personally and he's quickly become a trusted advisor to me in my overall online strategy. I would gladly recommend Nate and his company, Tellus Media to anyone needing help in growing their online presence.

Karen C.

Nate was fantastic at helping me update my website. I am basically computer illiterate and Nate was so patient as we went back and forth about what I wanted to do with the site. I highly recommend him as a great person to work with!! Thanks, Nate.

Tellus Media is a Digital Marketing consultancy, helping small businesses generate predictable revenue with "Tellus Engagement Funnels".

-Nate Fancher

Learn Our Complete Method For Attracting Your Dream Clients Predictably

In this new book Nate lays out the story of his 8-year struggle to build an online business and how he discovered a simple method that turned everything around in his company.

Magnetic Micro-Books holds nothing back. You'll get the entire business model for growing a high-ticket business that attracts your Dream Clients predictably by selling a short and magnetic Micro-Book.

What's inside:

✔️ How to write a book that attracts premium clients in less than 2 months

✔️ Why a short book is the best marketing asset you can create for 2021

✔️ Why book readers make the highest quality customers and clients you could ask for

✔️ How to grow a large online presence with a book even if no one knows who you are

✔️ How and why short books crush the guru webinar model for selling high-ticket programs

✔️ The "Magic 3" offer framework we use for taking a $5 book customer and turning them into a $25,000 client


In this short and engaging read, you'll learn how you can build a million-dollar company off the back of a short low-priced book. 

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