The World Is Looking For Your Expertise

In your mind is an expertise of great value to another person in this world. A Dream Client is out there ready to discover you. Here at Tellus Media, we make sure the two of you meet. We call this Reticular Value Positioning.

How To Raise Your Customer Lifetime Value. (The Easy ABC's of Amazing Customer LTV's) marketing Apr 13, 2021

In this post, I cover how to raise your customer lifetime value by knowing three customer archetypes. 

These archetypes are across the board,...

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Make Your Professional Services Business Magical With What We Call The Magic Three Apr 07, 2021

Business owners, on average, are notoriously stressed out. Especially the kind we love to help. Service professionals who offer incredible value in...

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What Is Reticular Value Positioning Exactly? rvp Mar 25, 2021

Nate Fancher here. I'm the founder of Tellus Media. And you found yourself to this blog post, one of two ways. Either you have been reading blog...

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Build A Stress Free Seven Figure Business With RVP rvp Mar 05, 2021

Your target needs to be a seven-figure year.

Even if you’re starting your business, there is no reason why a year from today, you can’t...

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How To Use Our RVP Method To Get Business Clarity and Positive Cash Flow In The Next 14 Days rvp Mar 05, 2021

Locked within your mind is a powerful marketing message that could make you millions in profits, create wealth for future generations, and leave a...

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The One Mind-Shift You Need To Earn 5 Figures Per Month rvp Jan 20, 2021

In the next 4 minutes, you’re going to learn how to 3x if not 10x your revenue with one simple tweak. I realize that’s a big claim, but...

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