What Is Reticular Value Positioning Exactly?

rvp Mar 25, 2021

Nate Fancher here. I'm the founder of Tellus Media. And you found yourself to this blog post, one of two ways. Either you have been reading blog posts, and you are curious to find out more about RVP, or perhaps we have met in person, or you have met one of our advisors, and we have pointed you in the direction of this post.

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Reticular Value Positioning.

Let's dive right in. I'm excited about this subject, and this is really a big passion of mine and what we do here at Tellus Media.

We're going to talk about how to attract your dream clients over and over again. This is about business optimizations.

This is about marketing strategy using what we call RVP. But first of all, who am I?

My family and I currently live in Columbia, South Carolina. I started Tellus Media in 2012. It wasn't first called Tellus. It's been through some branding changes here recently. But I have an office in Texas and then also here in Columbia, where my family and I live. And you can check out my Instagram page and follow me there and find out more about me.

But when I started my business here in our consultancy, it didn't start out the way it is today.

It actually started out very frantically, much more stressed out. I was overworked, often underpaid, and I didn't have clarity in my business. I didn't start with much capital, which is always a bad idea. If you can do that, we recommend you do that. But if you can't, that's okay. There are ways that you can grow your business without having to go and find loans and things like that.

But I was really unclear on what I was doing. Having some digital marketing experience, designing websites, logos, do Facebook ads, social media, that type of thing. Digital marketing is a vast industry. And so I started just doing it for my own brand. I'm a songwriter. I actually created my first podcast as a musician, and I made an online course, and I learned all this stuff after my first child was born, which was eight years ago now. I really was passionate about creating wealth for my family. And often wondered how I could do that with my skill sets. I started going to the internet to see if I could learn to make money online as a creative.

And so I started doing all kinds of things. Took a lot of courses, learned a lot, failed a lot. Grew social media audience audiences on different channels. And after a while, I thought, I should do this for other people and be serious about this---more like an agency. And that's how Tellus Media got started.

I have a longer story about this which you can check out on the blog here

The Pressure As A Business Owner

I want you to know I've been in your shoes. If you're reading this, then it's likely that you are feeling the pressure as a business owner. And so in the video above (and here in this blog post), I'm going to talk about how to relieve that pressure with a better marketing strategy. And we do that using RVP. So let's get into the definition.

What is reticular value positioning?

So let's get some terms here. This is a unique expertise, it's locked up in your mind. It's worth a lot of money. And a lot of people don't realize that it's there. So this is packaging and compelling a very strong marketing strategy, but it takes some work to get there. And so your Reticular Value is up here.

And positioning, that's the P part, RVP is like when you go fishing with a net...

You're going to cast a net of value that captures a targeted dream client who is willing to invest premium dollars for a desired outcome. 

I didn't have clarity in my own business when I started. I didn't have an idea of who is my dream client, who do I really want to work with? Who can I really serve? And of those people, do they see the value on my end that they're willing enough to really invest premium dollars for a specific result that I can deliver for them?

So our RVP method actually gets you that clarity and it puts the passion back in your business and becomes the bedrock of your entire service-based business. Now we work specifically with health and wellness practitioners. It's very broad. So we've got personal trainers, we've got dieticians, nutritionists. We work with a lot of different folks in that space. We'll work with a lot of different businesses and we have. When we first started, we worked with anybody and everybody, but we've really dialed in that we really want to help health businesses actually get healthy.

So part of that is your own passion and part of that's your own mission. And the reason you got started in this, to begin with, was to help someone's life get changed with what you have to offer.

This RVP method helps you get that clarity and it helps you realign with your purpose. And then it helps you really inform your entire marketing, which for us, we are a marketing consultancy that helps businesses grow and give predictable revenue. But you can't do that until you've done the deep work necessary.

I want to get a little bit deeper than what marketing consultants will call a USP or an elevator pitch. You might've heard about USP.

This is a unique selling proposition, which is a short statement about your brand. And the goal is to stand out. To really have something that really drips with a potent marketing message but in a short soundbite.

Get In The Right Elevator To Begin With

And an elevator pitch is a more detailed version of that, that you can in about two minutes, describe what it is that your business does for people. And the problem though with these two things is most people skip ahead and try to get that cute little soundbite before they've done the deep work that's necessary to get there.

And oftentimes the elevator pitch that they have, they may have something good, but they're in the wrong elevator, to begin with. And you're telling it to the wrong person. And so this is only done when you have what lives under the hood of these two things. Our RVP method is really what helps make your marketing irresistible to the right market. And then it makes coming up with an elevator pitch and a USP so much easier. Let me give you a couple of examples of this. So for us, our USP is simply a question. How healthy is your health business? And this really drips with a lot of potencies. We've done a lot of work to get to this point. It seems simple but I didn't just pull it out of my hat. We really had to work to get this USP.

The elevator pitch we have is this:

Tellus Media helps health and wellness practitioners grow their business to 7 figures with a high-ticket signature program that they can sell over and over again.

Now that's a little bit shorter than most elevator pitches. I would add to that, that we would give you the mechanism for that, the sales and marketing mechanism. And we call that a Tellus engagement funnel. But you can't get any of that done until you do RVP. RVP is so important. So let me just break down the RVP method in a nutshell.

And if it would intrigue you to get on a call with us, we would love to invite you to do that. This is not a sales pitch. This is simply going to be a 45 minute to an hour, maybe at the most hour, where we really get into these things that we're going to talk about in this slide here.

So first of all, in our RVP Method we walk you through a series of steps that helps you do some deep work. It requires deep work on your part. So deep work then activates a part of your brain. And this is neuroscience, proven neuroscience. It's awesome how this works. There's a part of your brain called the reticular activating system. And it's based right around the brainstem area. And it's a neuro net that actually acts like a filter that a lot of things go through in your mind. And when you do deep work, your reticular activating system is activated in a way that allows you to be more creative than you've ever thought. It allows you to think more clearly than you've ever thought. It's powerful what could happen. And from that, you get so much done.

Get Into Deep Work

We live in such an overstimulated and distracted society. Attention spans are shorter than ever. And business owners are running ragged because they haven't done deep work. And so really the beginning of our method here starts with you doing some deep work that we do with you. And again, there's a series of steps that we walk you through. RVP begins to happen when you have that reticular activating system activated in your mind. And then you begin to explore what your value really is. You begin to discover what is locked inside your mind that is so valuable. It becomes so clear and confident that it ends up activating your RAS again. And it's like an amazing cycle. It's a feedback loop that occurs.

So this then makes it so easy to come up with an elevator pitch and a USP. When you do this, you get clarity. And that's really what we really help with businesses, clarity and cash. If you don't have these two things, your business will get overworked. You'll become overworked and you're underpaid and you need that. So all the conventional stuff that you get from business school, most of it is helpful stuff. But at the end of the day, you need to simplify, you really do. This stuff will end up bringing stress. This is how I was, I was going aftermarket analysis. I was trying to figure out business plans. I was trying to figure out what kind of LLC or S-corp do I need to form all that stuff.

But really what I needed to do was get clear on who am I serving? Clarity is so important. And when you do that, you've got a really powerful business model on your hands. And then cash is so important.

So clarity will help you with cash, and cash runs your business. Cash is what keeps it going.

Book A Call With Me!

I invite you to book that call with me.

Again, this is not a sales pitch. If you feel that it is an intriguing thing that you want to learn more about our business, I want to answer those questions if you have those questions, but I'm not going to force that. We do not believe in hard selling here at Tellus Media. We believe in helping people.

So if it's a good fit, we might bring that up. But most of the time we find it's not a great fit because of where we are and where you might be in your business. It needs to be at the right time. So again, click that link below this video. You'll see again, the page here, and then you'll see where you can book that call. So again, I've been Nate Fancher with Tellus Media, super grateful to have you here watching this video.


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